How to Reduce Effects of Pet Dander in AC System and Home

How to Reduce Effects of Pet Dander in AC System and Home

Many people have a pet that stays in their house like part of the family, so it’s important to know how that affects your AC system. From cats to dogs, pets can produce a lot of hair from shedding in the summer. Where does all of that hair end up? Can the excess hair cause any health problems or sickness, and how can you prevent these problems from happening?

Where Does Pet Dander go in Your Home?

When an air conditioner pumps cool air into the house, old air is taken out to be filtered and pumped back in. The hair is caught in the air filter and if not changed regularly can cause problems with air flow in the house. We recommend that you change your air filters once a month for best efficiency from your unit.

Effects of Pet Hair in Your House

Pet hair and dander can accumulate in air ducts over time, leading to a diminished indoor air quality. If pet hair and dander collects in your ducts, it will be pushed out eventually back into your home. People that have respiratory problems like asthma and even those who have allergies can become sick and could find it hard to breathe from excess pet dander in the air vents.

How to Reduce Dog or Cat Hair in Your House

If you keep an animal in the house, the most important thing to do to keep your indoor air clean and AC running right is to change the air filters at the right time. Air filters usually need to be changed every 30-45 days, but with pets in the house, it should be done closer to the 30-day mark. Keeping the air filters clean and the rest of your AC system maintained will keep your indoor air quality as high as possible. You will stay healthy and happy. Keeping your ductwork clean and maintained is another important step to take to minimize the effects of pet hair in your AC system. Regular air duct cleaning should be performed by trained professionals like our team at A Plus Air Conditioning.

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