3 Reasons Your AC Smells Bad When It Turns On

3 Reasons Your AC Smells Bad When It Turns On

When your air conditioning system is working properly, it helps turn your hot and humid Florida home into a cool and comfortable oasis. But like all home investments, you air conditioning system isn’t immune to malfunctions, including a less-than-pleasant smell coming from the air vents.

If your air conditioning system smells bad when it turns on, you’re not alone. Lots of homeowners have to deal with this smelly situation, but fortunately, getting to the bottom of it is simple. Here are three likely culprits of the stench and what you can do to address the issue.

1. The drain pan is clogged

All air conditioning system produce condensation while running. As condensation builds up within your air conditioning system, it typically drains to the outside of your home via the drain line. Overtime, however, the drain pan can become clogged and result in excess water building up. When excess water builds up where it shouldn’t, mold can occur. Luckily, unclogging a drain pan is relatively easy with a little time and effort, or you can call on your local HVAC technicians.

2. The air vents are holding excess moisture

Living in the Sunshine State, we’re no strangers to humidity. But unfortunately, moisture affects our homes in ways it doesn’t affect homeowners in drier climates. Thanks to constantly humid conditioning, excess moisture can build up within the air ducts of your air conditioning system and settle near the air vent grates. As the water sits stagnant, this can cause a moldy scent to waft through your home whenever your AC runs. We recommend placing a call to your local HVAC company to ask about duct cleaning services.

3. Your AC is the wrong size for your home

Although most homeowners don’t purchase an incorrectly-sized air conditioning system, it does happen. If your AC is in fact too large for your home, it can cause a slew of problems, one of which is short cycling. Short cycling occurs when the air cycles through your home too fast. When this happens, the air doesn’t have time to be properly dehumidifier and the excess moisture has nowhere to go. As a result, it sits within the ductwork. Although this is uncommon, if you’re not sure if your system is the right size for your home, call the team at A+ Air Conditioning for a consultation.

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