Does Air Conditioning Reduce Your Home's Humidity?

Does Air Conditioning Reduce Your Home’s Humidity?

Some people like to dictate every nuance of their climate—from humidity to temperature. Climate control helps to regulate the indoor humidity, creating a comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy. By doing your homework before shopping for your AC, you will get a lot of satisfaction, for decades to come.

How Air Conditioning Reduces Your Home’s Humidity Levels

A critical concern for most people at the onset of the summer season in Florida is how best they will cope with the sudden rise in temperature. With rising temperatures also come higher humidity levels. Most people agree that high temperatures are bearable if humidity levels stay within the comfort zone. Fortunately, with the invention of the air conditioner, modern technology provides plenty of solutions when it comes to regulating the indoor moisture to suit your needs.

Why Lower Humidity Is Better for You

The increasing temperatures lead to higher rates of evaporation, increasing the moisture levels in the process. In retrospect, the saturated air compromises your body’s ability to cool after perspiration. The air in humid areas certainly contains more moisture, which makes it harder for the sweat you perspire to evaporate.

4 Signs of High Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

1. Moist, clammy air

2. Foggy windows

3. Musty odor

4. Lack of air circulation

How AC Lowers Your Home’s Humidity

Modern and sophisticated AC systems have what it takes to regulate the humidity levels efficiently. HVAC systems now come with an evaporator coil that creates vapor during the condensation process.

Condensation occurs when the hot and moist air within your premises makes contact with your AC’s evaporator coil. The coil condenses the liquid out of the air, reducing the level of humidity in your indoor environment.

Determine the Right AC Size

The effectiveness of the air conditioner depends on several factors. To begin with, you must ensure your AC system can generate enough power to propel the cold air throughout the room. The size of your AC will depend on the number of rooms, the prevailing weather conditions and the total area under climate control.

It is essential to identify the right size for your home’s air conditioner and your unique wants and needs if you want to avoid frustration down the road. While a larger AC will escalate your costs beyond your budget, a smaller HVAC system may not generate enough power to dehumidify your space, especially during the summer. Consult an AC specialist to measure the moisture levels, do the math and diagnose the appropriately sized HVAC system for your home.

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