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How Do I Know When It’s Time For A Duct Cleaning?

It’s important to keep your home’s air ducts clean whether you’re turning your heat on during those cool winter nights or blasting your AC during the summer. Your home’s ductwork not only keeps your HVAC system running efficiently but also keeps your home’s air quality in good shape.

But how do you know when it’s time for your ductwork to be professionally cleaned? Here are a few common signs it’s time to clean your air ducts to improve your airflow and indoor air quality.

It’s been months since you’ve changed your air filters

It’s never a good idea to let your HVAC system’s air filters go unchanged for more than three months. Experts recommend changing your air filters at least once every one to three months or once every month if you have pets.

During the mild winter months in Florida, you might be spending more time indoors. That means your air filter will be trapping more dust, debris, dander, and other airborne contaminants. When your air filter is full, these particles can collect in your ductwork.

Your vent covers and registers have visible dust

If you notice dust collecting on your vent cover and registers despite your weekly housecleaning routine, there’s a strong chance you have dirty ducts. Dirty ducts can also cause unusual levels of dust to be distributed around your home, making you wonder if you’d even cleaned that day.

When your ductwork has a buildup of dust and other airborne contaminants, that dust will be blown out and collect on your vent covers, registers, and around your vents.

Your airflow isn’t consistent from room to room

Just because winters are mild in Florida doesn’t mean it isn’t uncomfortable for one room to be 65 degrees and the other to be 40. If the different rooms around your home don’t receive the same level of airflow and your HVAC system is in good shape, you might have an issue with dirty ducts.

Fortunately, you can improve your home’s comfort level by calling up your local Gainesville FL AC company to take a look at your ductwork and give them an efficient cleaning.

Looking for a professional AC company?

It’s no secret that it’s important to have a professional AC company clean your air ducts to keep your home’s air quality in good shape.

If you’re looking for duct cleaning Gainesville FL homeowners trust, A Plus Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is the AC company for you. For more information about our duct cleaning services or air conditioner maintenance services, contact our HVAC contractors at A Plus Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today.