How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator?

So here you are, owning your own food business. Serving people, being your own boss, living the dream.

Every time you walk into the refrigerated section of your restaurant, you think of how far you’ve come. Or maybe you just go in with a list, making sure you’re fully stocked.

But in addition to all of the beautiful produce and select cut meats you have in there, how often do you have someone clean your commercial refrigerators?

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator

– To comply with FDA regulations
– To comply with the Florida Administrative Code
– To comply with Florida’s Department of Health’s Food Safety and Sanitation Program
– To avoid contamination
– To prevent your guests from becoming sick
– To make more room for fresh inventory

How Often Should You Clean Commercial Refrigerator?

1. Interior of refrigerator: The best way to ensure your refrigerator is as clean as it can be is to wipe the interior (including all shelves) with warm, soapy water on a daily basis.

2. Condenser and drain lines: We recommend cleaning them every six months.

Benefits of Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons to stay on top of your refrigeration maintenance:

– Extend the life of your equipment
– Prevent breakdowns
– Prevent wasting food
– Prevent the loss of profits
– Reduce energy costs

Best Way to Clean Refrigerator

1. Install adequate flooring. Chapter 64E-11.008 of the Florida Administrative Code establishes regulations regarding food hygiene. It specifically requires walk-in refrigerators to have floors covered with smooth-non-absorbent materials designed to be easily cleaned.

2. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s manual. Nobody likes to read them, but they include valuable information regarding which type of cleaning products work best for your equipment (and which ones to avoid).

3. Unplug your refrigerators before cleaning. Avoid having someone die or file a Worker’s Compensation claim. Safety first.

4. Empty out the entire unit. It’s a hassle, but you have to do it. First, because you don’t want to leave dirty spots inside your refrigerators. And second, because it’s so easy to forget what’s in there. Look at the expiration dates on every container and inspect produce for mold.

5. Take care of the condenser. To do this, look for the refrigerator’s grill. It could be either at the top or the bottom of the unit. You’ll need a screwdriver, a stiff bristle brush, and a degreaser. Look here for easy to follow instructions on how to do this.

6. Inspect the gaskets regularly. This is one of the easiests tasks you can do to ensure that your food stays fresh. Make sure all doors to refrigerators and freezers are sealing properly when you shut them.

7. Clean the drain lines. This should be done yearly to prevent mold buildup. We recommend having an HVAC professional do it.

Call A+ Air Conditioning in Gainesville for Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Some of the items listed above can be easily done by employees. Others require refrigeration experts.

Contact us and let us take care of your commercial refrigerators. You can call us at (352) 374-4988 or fill out an online query form.