Should I Leave My AC on While I’m on Vacation?

The holidays are coming and that means many of us will be taking vacations soon. As the excitement grows for that much-needed time off, there are still some things you need to keep in mind before leaving your home empty for a few days. One of those questions is: should I turn AC on or off for vacation?
Here are a few different factors to consider:

– Length of vacation
– Weather
– Thermostat type
– Possible Damages

Length of Vacation

Depending on the length of your trip, it may be more beneficial to leave your AC on for the duration of your vacation instead of shutting it off. If a constant temperature is maintained, this will often allow your HVAC system to utilize less energy instead of having to account for extreme highs and lows in temperature. To help keep costs down even more, close your curtains and check for any openings in windows/doors that could let out cool air, prior to your departure. For vacations that are going to last longer than a week, it might make more sense to shut the AC off for the duration of your trip, to avoid unnecessary cooling in your home while you’re away.


As Floridians, we know better than anyone just how hot and humid the sunshine state can get. However, checking your local forecast can help you decide whether you should turn your AC on or off for your vacation. If the forecast predicts a high chance of rain, cloudiness or lower than average temperatures, you might want to consider simply adjusting your AC settings before leaving for vacation, instead of turning the ac off.
You might think you’d be saving money by turning off your AC for vacation, but it can actually create extra problems and expenses. Instead of turning off your unit completely, consider using a programmable or smart thermostat, and set the temperature to be slightly higher than normal.

Thermostat Types

There are two types of thermostats: programmable and manual. If your home has a programmable thermostat, you might actually be able to control it remotely, or pre-program it for the days you’ll be on vacation. Having a programmable thermostat significantly helps in maintaining the temperature balance efficiently and without drastic temperature fluxuations – that in turn increase your energy bill.
If you have a manual thermostat, you may want to adjust it so that it won’t use as much as energy while you’re on vacation. One way you can do this is increase the temperature of the AC so the fan doesn’t kick on as often.

Possible Damages

Not only does the air conditioner cool your home, it also decreases humidity. The main reason to keep your ac on while you’re away is to prevent humidity-related problems. These problems include mold and mildew growth, damaged electronics and structural damage to your home.
To wrap up, it would be wasteful to keep your ac on at its normal temperature while on vacation and harmful to turn it off completely. Instead, turn the AC temperature up while your away to prevent damage to your home and maximize your energy savings.

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