Why Is One Room Hotter Than The Rest

Why Is One Room Hotter Than The Rest?

4 Reasons Why One Room Is Hotter Than the Rest of the House

Is one room in your home always hotter than the rest of the rooms?

Those who have one room in their home, such as their bedroom, that is notoriously warmer than the rest know all too well how frustrating (and not to mention uncomfortable) this can be. While there are lots of factors that influence how much or little air reaches a room, here are four of the most common reasons and what you can do about it.

1. Insufficient Insulation

The Problem: Your home could be poorly insulated. Sufficient insulation is necessary when it comes to keeping cool air in and warm air out in the summer. If areas of your home are poorly insulated, you’ll likely notice that area is warmer in the summer and colder in the winter compared to the rest of your home.

The Solution: Added insulation can ensure that the cool air produced by your AC stays inside your home. We recommend consulting your local HVAC technician for a proper inspection.

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2. Faulty Return Air Vents

The Problem: Your air vents play a big role in keeping your home comfortable. So, if one room is always warmer than the rest of your home, the return air vents in the room could be blocked or damaged. When this occurs, cool air is blocked from coming through those vents in your floor or ceiling, resulting in a less comfortable space.

The Solution: An HVAC technician can provide a comprehensive inspection of your home’s central air conditioning and heating system, which will include the ductwork. If the technician believes the temperature inconsistencies are due to faulty return air vents, they will either replace them or install additional vents.

3. Clogged Air Ducts

The Problem: Before cooled and conditioned air can reach the rooms of your home, it travels through a series of ductwork. Like any other area of your home, the ductwork can accumulate dust and debris over time. If the buildup becomes significant, it can impede the flow of air. The result? Cool and conditioned air will have a harder time reaching the rooms of your home via the ductwork.

The Solution: A professional ductwork inspection and cleaning can easily remove excess dust and debris and restore proper airflow. Because ductwork is very fragile, it’s important you leave this service to a professional and skip the DIY route.

4. Your Home’s Design

The Problem: We all love big, beautiful windows that let the natural light pour in — but these design features can influence your home’s temperature. Rooms with lots of windows tend to be harder to keep cool, especially in multi-story homes where heat rises.

The Solution: All is not lost if this problem is afflicting you. Ductless air conditioning systems are a great solution for this scenario. Installed high up on a wall, ductless air conditioners provide the same cooling comfort as your central AC without the addition of ductwork. Better yet, these systems are sleek and quiet and easy to install.

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