Roof Vents: Why Attic Ventilation Is Important?

One problem of most households in states with a hot and cold climate like Florida is improper attic ventilation. Homeowners feel the warmer and colder temperature when their attic is poorly ventilated because the attic doesn’t allow the air to move freely and pass by the vent.

An adequately ventilated attic has exhausts, eaves, and roof shingles that allow air to move freely and enter the attic to regulate the temperature within the home’s living spaces. Read below the other importance of attic ventilation for your residential properties.

Decreases Cooling Energy Consumption

Fan and air conditioning system usage is affected when your attic has improper ventilation. It’s because the air is trapped inside the attic, which doesn’t move adequately through the space, so this heat is transferred to the floor. Also, as you extensively use AC units and other cooling systems; the energy bills of your home is more likely to increase. However, if you ensure that your attic is not poorly ventilated, your energy consumption can decrease as you maintain suitable ventilation in the attic.

Prevents Moisture Build-Up

A well-ventilated attic is not only beneficial during the summer. When the climate is cold, it is more likely to have moisture. That’s why it’s common for households with poor attic ventilation and air conditioning systems to have moisture buildup that can cause the tearing of your roof. Without ventilation, shingles can be damaged since the icicles that have been formed build up on the gutter and eaves.

Less Likely To Form Ice Dams

Ice dams are formed when the accumulated snowfalls melt and another snow falls again. The presence of these ice dams can damage property when it melts. The water will flow through your shingles, windows, and roof gutters. Thus, if your attic is adequately ventilated, the necessary hot and cold air can slowly reduce the ice dam formation.

Contact A Plus Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

If you’re unsure if your attic has or doesn’t have proper ventilation at home, it’s best to call a professional for this matter. HVAC experts can help you determine what service your attic needs. They will help you resolve issues involving roof vents like unwanted moisture buildup, higher energy consumption, and ice dam formation.
At A Plus Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Gainesville and surrounding areas of Florida, our team will be the one to handle your attic for its ventilation and other HVAC services. We want to improve air quality in your household, from the living room and bedroom up to the attic. Schedule an appointment with us today so that we can address your concerns immediately.