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Common Florida Heating Problems in the Winter

It’s wintertime again. Although this season is less harsh for Florida residents compared to those living in states farther north, it can still get pretty cold. Temperatures during this time can go as low as 58 degrees Fahrenheit; so many people in the area have home heating systems to keep them warm and cozy. However, when using these systems, there’s always a chance that they can malfunction or break down. Read on to learn about a few common problems that can happen this winter.

Reduced or obstructed airflow

If you’re faced with a sudden heat loss in your home, one of the first things you should check is your unit’s air filter. Many times, this is where the problem lies. Dirt, hair, and other debris that the filter catches often gather on its surface and slowly become a mass that blocks air from flowing into your system. When this happens, the machine will end up working harder to heat your home. This will raise its own temperature, causing it to overheat and eventually break down or shut off.

So, have your air filter regularly cleaned when you register for a heating maintenance service. It should be cleared every 3 months to ensure your system’s optimal performance.

Frost or ice formation

Another common problem with home heating systems is frost or ice on your pump.

Even if Florida has warmer winters, it’s still possible for your pump to freeze over. This is because when your unit evaporates refrigerant to absorb heat, the temperature around the condenser naturally drops, and condensation forms on the surface of its coils. In colder weather, there’s a chance that the temperature around the coils will reach the freezing point, causing ice to form around them.


Mold typically thrives in cold, dark, and damp environments, and that’s exactly what your vents become when winter rolls around. Unlike other areas in the country, the air in Florida during colder seasons is a bit more humid. So, if you smell a musty odor coming from the vents when you turn your heater on, then you may have a mold problem. As soon as this happens, get your ducts cleaned out, as some mold spores are actually dangerous to your health.

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