Learning about the different parts of your HVAC system is the key to maintaining it properly. This way, you can understand how your unit should work and determine if there are signs of malfunction, especially if some components need to be replaced. With that, here are some important parts of an HVAC system you need to know about:

  • Heat Exchanger

    This device is found inside your furnace. Through the use of combustion gases, it warms the air distributed to your residential or commercial area. It can either be powered by burners or electric coils depending if the furnace operates on gas, oil, or electricity. As such, a heat exchanger should remain sealed because of the emitted combustion fumes that may cause health problems. Some of the common indications of a damaged heat exchanger include an unpleasant odor in your furnace and possibly a rattling noise in your thermostat when the heating system is turned on.

  • Evaporator Coils

    Evaporator coils are also found outside your unit and contribute to the process of cooling the air distributed into your home. It operates with the help of the refrigerant, which is inside the coils. Once warm air passes through this part, it loses much of its moisture, and its temperature is lowered. Among the noticeable hints that it may need replacing include excessive leakage from your indoor unit or unusual banging and hissing noises when the cooling system is activated.

  • Thermostat

    The thermostat is an essential part of your HVAC system as its temperature sensors decide when air conditioners turn on or off. It is why it is usually placed near the center of your home to detect the temperature more accurately. As such, a faulty thermostat creates an impact on the performance of your cooling system and the comfort brought on by your HVAC equipment. Some of the common signs it is damaged include:

    • The air conditioner suddenly stops working
    • Room temperature doesn’t meet the thermostat setting
    • Uneven temperature throughout the house
    • Frequent short cycling

Now that you understand the function and know some signs of problems in these essential components of your HVAC unit, it’s best to address them immediately to avoid more damage to the system. Consult or ask our HVAC representatives about any air conditioning-related issues that need immediate repair. If a part needs replacing, you can choose from our available HVAC products manufactured by one of the top HVAC brands in America.

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