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3 Reasons Why an AC Is Blowing Hot Air

Hot weather isn’t new for most homeowners in Florida. That’s why an air conditioning system is essential in every residential and commercial establishment—this helps them combat the hot temperature indoors. However, sometimes ACs have unit issues like blowing hot air instead of cold.

If you’re one of the property owners affected by this AC problem, immediately inspect your AC to identify the root cause of the issue. Read below to find out why your AC is blowing hot air.

Dirty Air Vents

Air filters are the first thing you should check on your HVAC system. Even when you’re not using the AC, dust, specks of dirt, and debris can infiltrate the vents. Because of this, your air conditioning system’s blower fan works harder to pass through the filter, resulting in reduced airflow. It would be best to inspect and clean your air vents regularly to get better indoor air quality.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

If you have children at home, there might be times they play around your house, and the thermostat might be the one they’re playing with. It would be best to check your thermostat settings to ensure they are set correctly. Set the thermostat to “cool” at a suitable temperature for your living space. If it doesn’t work, then there’s another problem with your AC.

Low Refrigerant

If you notice that your AC doesn’t seem to blow cool air, it might be because of the refrigerant—a fluid inside your AC unit that absorbs and releases heat from your home. However, HVAC professionals should be the ones to deal with refrigerant concerns since the compound is hazardous. Contact an expert so they can locate refrigerant leaks and immediately resolve the air conditioning problem.

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