How a Heat Pump Works

Heating systems are an essential feature of any home, especially in the winter. Even though Florida doesn’t get as cold […]

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Heating systems

Common Florida Heating Problems in the Winter

It’s wintertime again. Although this season is less harsh for Florida residents compared to those living in states farther north, […]

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How to Start Getting Your Heat Pump Ready for Winter

A heat pump system is an important feature for any home during winter. It helps extract heat from the outdoors […]

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A cartoon handyman | gas furnace | A Plus Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Gas Furnace Safety: 3 Tips To Avoid Furnace Dangers

Natural gas furnaces are one of the most popular types of furnaces among U.S. homeowners and for good reason. They’re […]

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Air Conditioning Noises

How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioner or Heater Noises

Are you wondering what are those annoying noises coming from your heating and cooling system? Many air conditioner or heater […]

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Why Does My Heater Smell Like It’s Burning?

Ever turn on your heating or cooling system only to be met by strange burning, musty, or other bad smells? […]

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