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AC Maintenance Can Improve Air Quality!

Regular AC maintenance can improve your indoor air quality. Most homeowners are aware that taking care of their AC with regular maintenance is a great way to extend the life of their unit. Of course, most people are also aware that AC maintenance means a more energy-efficient unit but many people do not realize that the quality of their indoor air can improve with regular maintenance.

It is estimated that indoor air can be 1000 times more polluted than outdoor air, especially when the windows are shut tight to keep the house cool/warm. Regular maintenance of your ac unit can help to keep those indoor pollutants down.

Debris Build Up, Maintenance Removes Them

Your HVAC unit is exposed to a lot of dust, debris, dander, and other allergens. It sits outside year-round collecting pollen and debris. A highly skilled AC technician can give your unit a deep cleaning and help to remove all that accumulated particulate.

Of course, you have been changing your filters regularly to help maintain your system but that may not be enough to keep those allergens out of your home. It is recommended that you change your filters every month and every three months. A good ac tune-up can do the trick. You can turn to the AC company Gainesville FL turns to, and, improve your indoor air.

Worry-Free Operation

A preventive maintenance plan can help you keep cool on the hottest days. Every component of your system is examined to ensure that nothing needs to be replaced or repaired. This detailed inspection/ tune-up ensures that any issues can be addressed before they become big problems.

There is nothing worse than needing ac repairs on the hottest days of the year. A little preventive maintenance can offset some of the most common issues. You can avoid costly emergency ac repairs by simply having your system maintained by a company that specializes in ac maintenance Gainesville FL residents trust.

Well-Maintained Means Energy Efficient

The harder your unit has to work the more energy it consumes. Maintenance can mean your unit does not have to work quite as hard. Energy savings can be as simple as having the expert ac maintenance that you need for your unit performed regularly.

Don’t leave the quality of your indoor air up to chance and don’t pay more than you need to for energy. Get the support you can depend on from the company that delivers the ac maintenance Gainesville depends on!