Should my AC or Thermostat Be Set to On or Auto

Like most Florida homeowners, you value keeping your home cool and your energy costs low. Many people have been told to keep their thermostat setting on “Auto” instead of “On”, but is there really a big difference? If you’re wondering whether to leave your AC On or on Automatic, you’ve come to the right source.

Why You Should Leave Your AC On AUTO

In the “Auto” setting, the fan in your HVAC system only turns on to reach the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. Once the fan has cooled your home to the desired temperature, the fan turns off and only turns back on when the temperature in your home begins to fluctuate.

Pros Of Setting Your Thermostat To “Auto”

More energy efficient – When you leave your thermostat in the “auto” setting, it will only turn on and off depending on the temperature you’ve programmed for your cooling or heating cycle. When the fan is only running to adjust slight temperature rises and falls, your HVAC system is more energy-efficient.
Less Expensive – Using “auto” uses less energy, reducing the costs on your energy bill.
HVAC system’s filter will last longer

Cons Of Setting Your Thermostat to “Auto”

Uneven distribution of heating and cooling – When the fan stops blowing, it stops moving air into other spaces in your home. During summertime, this can cause some rooms in your home to be hotter than others.
Wear and tear to the blower motor – The constant cycling, stopping and starting of the fan leads to more wear and tear over time.

Why You Should Leave Your AC “ON”

If you leave your AC in the “On” thermostat setting, this will make the fan in your HVAC system run constantly, even when the system is not working to cool or heat your home.

Pros Of Setting Your Thermostat To “On”

Heating and cooling is more evenly distributed – With the fan ON, it will blow air into all the rooms, keeping the temperature evenly distributed throughout your home.
Improved indoor air quality – When the AC is ON, the air is constantly being cycled through your filter, improving your air quality.
Can help allergy sufferers – If you have allergies, leaving the fan ON may provide you with some relief. With this setting, your AC filters are catching more airborne pollutants that aggravate allergy symptoms.

Cons of Setting Your Thermostat To ON

Very costly – When you have the fan running constantly, more energy is being used than when the fan only runs along with your cooling or heating cycles.
More frequent repairs – If you leave the AC ON,, the fan is running all the time. This increases wear and tear on your blower motor, resulting in costly repairs.
Increased humidity – When your fan is set to ON, your AC won’t dehumidify your home as well, resulting in possible mold growth.
Leaky air ducts – When your fan is ON, you’re constantly losing your conditioned air, driving up your energy costs.
Frequently clogged air filters – Leaving the fan on repeatedly pulls air in through your return vents, right next to your air filter. Due to this, dust and dirt will accumulate at a much faster rate and you will need to change your AC filters more often.

When it comes down to it, leaving your AC fan ON or on AUTO, is a personal preference. It’s recommended to set your thermostats fan setting to “Auto” most of the time and only switch it to “On” when necessary.

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