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Ductless Mini-Split vs. Multi-Split System

When it comes to cooling and heating solutions for your home, getting the right split AC system is crucial. Two popular options that homeowners often contemplate are ductless mini-splits and multi-split systems. Although both systems employ similar technology, there are key differences that should influence your decision. Read the blog below to learn the features of each system to help you make the right choice.

What Are Ductless Mini-Splits?

Ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps have one outdoor compressor and one indoor air handler. These compact units can be mounted on the wall, floor, or ceiling and are suitable for heating and cooling individual rooms, garages, or community areas of approximately 300 square feet. However, a multi-split system may be a better option if you require extra heating or cooling in multiple areas.

What Are Ductless Multi-Splits?

Ductless multi-split systems offer the flexibility of adding multiple indoor air handlers to a single compressor. Typically, these systems can heat and cool between two and eight zones, making them ideal for stuffy upstairs bedrooms, multi-room additions, and complex installations. With multi-splits, each occupant can personalize their zone’s temperature and airflow, providing building-wide HVAC control.

Choosing the Right HVAC System

Determining the right split AC system for your home depends on various factors. If you find significant temperature imbalances across multiple rooms, a ductless multi-split system is likely the best choice. These systems address the concerns of each occupant, and their zoned design can maximize energy savings by focusing on heating and cooling where needed, especially in rooms that are rarely used or require extra conditioning only during specific times of the year.

Homes with unique or challenging room layouts are also ideal candidates for ductless mini-splits or multi-splits. With a multi-split system, you have the freedom to select from a variety of discreet indoor air handlers perfectly tailored for each room. Available in attractive styles and colors, the indoor equipment seamlessly blends with your décor. Plus, the main compressor can be installed up to 50 feet away, significantly reducing noise levels.

Contact HVAC Professionals for Expert Assistance

When deciding between a ductless mini-split and a multi-split system, you must consider your specific needs. If you require heating and cooling in individual rooms or small areas, a ductless mini-split system will likely suffice. Meanwhile, a ductless multi-split system is the better choice if you need to address temperature imbalances across multiple zones or have complex layout requirements.

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