Heater blowing cool air

Why Is My Heater Blowing Out Cool Air?

Friends and family in the North may chuckle when Floridians say we’re experiencing a cold front. But the reality is that the Sunshine State does get its fair share of chilly days: 50s, 40s, 30s, and once in a blue moon, it’ll dip down to the 20s.

So when it’s time to turn on the heater, the last thing you want is for it to blow out cold air. If this is what you’re dealing with in your home, it could be due to any of the situations below.

5 Reasons Your Heater is Blowing Out Cool Air

1. The Thermostat Is Set to “ON”

When the fan is set to “Auto,” it’ll run only when the furnace is on during a cycle. As a result, you get hot air from the vent. However, if it’s set to “On,” the fan will run constantly. This means that even when the furnace is off when its cycle has completed, the fan will continue circulating the air inside your home, which won’t be as warm since it’s not coming directly from the furnace.

2. Tripped Circuit Breaker

This is possible if you are running too many appliances at once. Simply locate the breaker panel. The switch that powers the HVAC system should be labeled as such. If it’s turned to the “Off” position, set it to the middle, neutral position before switching it back to “On.”

3. Obstructed Air Ducts

When hot air is released from the furnace, it travels through the ducts before reaching your vents. If the ducts are obstructed with dust or if they have a leak, the warm air won’t get through to the vents. One surefire sign of this issue is higher electric bills. To rule out any leaks, schedule a home energy audit, and line up regular AC maintenance to prevent it from happening again.

4. Dirty Air Filters

Any time you research AC maintenance, one of the topics that always shows up is changing the air filters regularly. This is not to pad the pockets of air filter manufacturers. The reality is that pet hair, dander, soot from candles, dust mites, dust particles, and other allergens accumulate on the filters, caking them with this debris. If you don’t change the air filters regularly, the airflow in your HVAC system will be blocked. You’ll end up with both an AC and a heater that don’t function properly and higher energy bills. Change them routinely!

5. The Pilot Light Is Out

The pilot light is the small blue flame at the bottom of your furnace. Check the settings to make sure it’s turned to “On.” Follow these instructions to avoid gas leaks.

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