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Indoor Air Quality: Importance of Air Filtration Systems During COVID-19

Quality air at home is more needed now than ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus is causing harm to people’s health worldwide, forcing the government to order a strict quarantine protocol for their citizens to avoid the high number of infected individuals. Since everyone is at risk with this virus, you must practice the proper hygiene for yourself and your loved ones.

Clean indoor air is a requirement for every homeowner so that you can avoid symptoms associated with COVID. It’s always best to take one step ahead of everything about this virus to achieve quality indoor air at home. With this, purchasing an air filtration system is beneficial.

Air filtration systems help filter dirt, contaminants, and viruses into the air that the people at home breathe. So, if you don’t have it yet, this is your sign to buy one. To understand why you need an air purifier at home, read below the importance of having one, particularly in this pandemic.

Reduces Air Pollutants

Excellent air purifiers use HEPA filters to help remove airborne particles so everyone at home can avoid catching viruses and contaminants transmission that may lead to COVID infection. HEPA is considered the most efficient filter for residential and commercial properties. This filter effectively removes contaminants in the air such as respiratory droplets, bacteria, and viruses that can spread the coronavirus indoors.

Though all purifiers are made to reduce air pollutants, there are specialized air purifiers you should consider when installing an air filtration system at home. An air purifier that doesn’t use a HEPA filter may not be as efficient as the one that has it, but it can still help recirculate clean indoor air quality. Installing an air purifier still helps take part in your family’s protection against coronavirus than using none at home.

Controls Overall Ventilation

Without air filtration systems, poor ventilation may cause the of acquiring COVID. It’s because indoor air moves through and through around the house without being purified back to your living space. Keep in mind that air may carry particles like viruses, allergens, and bacteria which are harmful to everyone’s health. So, it is best to have an air purifier installed to maintain safe and comfortable ventilation at home.

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