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What to Do Before Turning on Air Conditioner After Hurricane

As a Florida homeowner, you’re a pro when it comes to hurricane season. You know that one of the hardest parts of hurricane season is dealing with the mess of a storm after it passes. After all, it takes time, effort, and lots of patience to clean up any debris and fix any damage your home incurred. On top of that, waiting for the power to be restored so you can turn on your air conditioning system can feel like forever.

But even though you may want to turn your AC on as soon as the power is restored, there is a process you should follow to ensure your HVAC system is safe to turn on. With hurricane season approaching, here’s what you should do if you’re faced with a storm this year.

Perform a Thorough AC Inspection

Once the storm passes and it’s safe to go outside, you should perform a thorough AC inspection of your outdoor unit, making sure to check for damage or debris that occurred during the storm. The outdoor component of your air conditioning system is extremely vulnerable because it’s exposed to the elements. Hurricanes bring high winds with them, which means that anything from tree limbs to outdoor furniture can collide with your outdoor unit and cause severe damage. In extreme cases, your AC unit can even be ripped up from its concrete slab.

You will want to assess your air conditioning system, specifically checking for the following:

  • Is there any debris sticking out of the unit? Think: Fallen tree limbs or other wind-blown objects.
  • Is the unit submerged in water?
  • Are the air vents clear?
  • Are the electrical lines and refrigerant lines still connected?
  • Are there any visible electrical burn marks?

If you notice any damage, we recommend calling an HVAC professional for an AC inspection prior to turning your system back on. This is important because if you turn on your AC system while it’s damaged, you run the risk of not only an inefficient operation but also electrical shortages and more damage.

I Don’t See Any Damage. Can I Turn My AC Back On?

If you performed a thorough AC inspection and checked for damage and debris but don’t see any damages, you can turn your system on but be sure to watch it closely. After turning it on, inspect the outdoor unit while it’s running, specifically looking for any strange sounds or smells, or smoke. Inspect the indoor components as well, checking for proper airflow and overall comfort in your home.

We always recommend that Florida homeowners do this type of AC inspection at least a couple of times to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If your system is running as it normally does, then you have no reason to worry. However, any strange sounds or smells or smoke means you should call a professional.

HVAC Repair in Gainesville, FL

No Florida homeowner wants to deal with a broken air conditioning system thanks to a hurricane. If you’re in need of emergency air conditioning repair or another AC service, A+ Air Conditioning can help. We offer quality HVAC services to the Central Florida area and beyond. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with one of our trusted technicians. Call us at (352) 374-4988 or contact us online.