where is my AC air filter located

Where Is My AC Filter Located?

As a renter, you don’t have to worry about much as far as home maintenance is concerned. If a pipe leaks or if the AC is not cooling, you contact your landlord or the leasing office and wait for someone to pop in to fix it.

Then you become a homeowner. With the new title comes lots of new responsibilities: gardening, mowing the lawn, changing A/C filters, and a “To Do” list that seems longer than the Great Wall of China.

But let’s start with the basics. Where can you find the air conditioner’s filter, and why should you care?

Why Should You Care About Air Filters?

While common sense tells you that air filters improve air quality, you have to be proactive to ensure that they stay clean. The reasons for this are many:

  1. Filters capture dust particles and other allergens (such as dust mites and pet dander) in your home.
  2. When filters are clean, air flows easily through the unit, which means your home will reach the set temperature in a relatively small amount of time.
  3. When airflow is unobstructed, the A/C unit uses minimal energy to cool your home. This means that your energy bill won’t increase unnecessarily.

How to Find the Air Filter for the HVAC System in Your Home

Ok. Now that you understand why it’s crucial to change the air filters regularly, you need to know how to find them. First, make sure to shut off the power to the AC at the breaker panel. Once it’s off, read the instruction manual. Yes, it may be boring, but you need to know whether the filters are washable or disposable; and if they are washable, you need to know how to clean them properly.

Types of Air Filters

Read about the different types of filters to determine which would best fit your needs. Once you’ve made a decision, read our blog about how often to change your air filters to find information about scheduling this routine maintenance task.

Window Units

Use both hands to remove the front panel of the window unit. Hold it from the bottom and pull it up; you’ll see the air filter right behind it, covering the length and width of the unit. Pull out the air filter. If the filter is washable, run it under a low-pressure water stream until all the dust washes off. Allow it to dry completely before reinstalling it. If it’s not completely dry when reinstalled, it could lead to mold growth.

Mini-Split Units

Grab a ladder to reach the mini-split unit and open the front panel. It’ll have a lever to lock it in place to keep it open. You’ll see several air filters. Remove each of them individually and follow the instruction manual on how to take care of them. Don’t try to guess since some are washable while others are disposable. If they’re washable, just as stated above, make sure they are fully dry before reinstalling them. If you’re in a hurry to cool your home, use a hairdryer to dry the filters.

Central Air Units

Central air conditioning units may have several air filters placed throughout the home. You will find them behind each return vent. Unscrew the cover to access them. You’ll also find a filter inside the air handler, which is usually located in a utility closet or attic.

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