5 Tips to Remove Humidity From Your Florida Home

5 Tips to Remove Humidity From Your Florida Home

Everyone knows summer in Florida is hot and filled to the brim with humidity. But do you know how to stop the humid conditions from following you back into your home? Follow these tips to stop sweating and get back to enjoying the cool comfort of your home oasis.

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Ways to Reduce Humidity in the Home

Be wary of long, steamy showers and wet towels

Who doesn’t love a long shower after a hard day or early morning? However, moisture in the air from these showers creates a warm and humid environment, filling your home with condensation. Long, hot showers not only create more humidity in the home, but they also contribute to higher energy bills as well. Another note to consider is the hanging of wet or moist towels in the bathroom and other parts of the home. Wet towels, clothes or rags also adds moisture, and thus humidity, to the air. You could also squeegee your wet showers walls to reduce condensation and humidity even further.

Ventilate and use fans

Ventilation and circulation are more keys to winning the war against humidity in your home. Invest in ceiling, floor or window fans to circulate the cooled air that your air conditioner works hard to release. Use the ventilation system if your home or business has one installed in the bathroom or kitchen.

Decrease oven use and clothes dryer use

Your oven and clothes dryers are also perpetrators of humid conditions in the home. Try to minimize their use in the summer by making cooling foods like salads and chilled soups and drying clothes outside if possible.

Adjust your AC settings and change the air filter

Be sure to change your AC’s air filter every month as a clean, new air filter will ensure only efficient airflow to your home. Also, check the settings of your thermostat. Many air conditioning systems have a “dry” setting that will decrease excess moisture and humidity. Having your HVAC system professionally maintained will also keep your system at its utmost efficiency level. Our Comfort Club Maintenance Program will ensure that your system is always running at its best.

Invest in a dehumidifier

If all else fails and your Florida home just won’t stop feeling like a swamp, research external dehumidifiers. These devices will increase your indoor air quality and remove the humidity from your home quickly and efficiently.

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