The Secret to Setting Your Thermostat for Spring Savings

The Secret to Setting Your Thermostat for Summer Savings

As the seasons change to warmer spring and summer months, Gainesville, Fla. homeowners find themselves yet again relying on air conditioning for continued indoor comfort. Some homeowners will keep the thermostat settings at a moderate level similar to that they were using during winter months. However, you can make a few small and easy adjustments if you want to enjoy savings while still relying on AC usage through summer. With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can adjust your thermostat to save money during the warm weather season.

Here are three thermostat tricks and tips that will allow you to stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank this cooling season.

1. Increase Temperature When You Are Away

First, you should consider the hours of the day you will either be at home or away. What hours are you at work? When do you normally head to the gym? If you have previously programmed your settings, you may find these settings are outdated and in need of adjusting. For the times you plan to be away from home, program your thermostat so the temperature is several degrees higher than what is typically comfortable for you.

2. Set to the Highest Temperature That Is Still Comfortable

For the times you plan to be inside and at home—such as after work or at night while you are sleeping—program your thermostat settings to the highest temperature possible that is still comfortable for you and your family. You may need to lower the settings a few degrees during the times you are more active indoors, such as when you usually cook dinner or do your favorite workout video. Keep in mind that you want to be cool inside the home—not cold.

3. Utilize Ceiling Fans to Cut Energy Costs

Another step you can take to save energy during warmer weather is to turn on the ceiling fans in your home. Ceiling fans can lower the temperature in your home by as much as four degrees. You’ll reduce your monthly energy bills by running the ceiling fans regularly with a higher temperature setting on the thermostat throughout the day and the night.

A+ Air Conditioning Helps Gainesville Homeowners Get the Most Out of Their Thermostat

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