Summer Air Conditioning Tips

Summer Air Conditioning Tips

The days are getting longer, the kids are getting out of school, and it looks like it is time to get out of Gainesville and go for a good old-fashioned summer vacation! But don’t leave your home without preparing a few important things first — starting with your air conditioning system. Keep reading to learn a few important summer AC tips before you leave for vacation.
Summer AC Tips: How to Prepare Home for Vacation

#1. Thermostat Temperature Settings

Before leaving for your traveling adventures, make sure that you set your air conditioning system’s thermostats to a temperature that is neither too cold or too hot. Many people might think it is best to turn off the AC as to not waste energy and cool an empty house. However, due to Florida’s scorching and oppressive heat and humidity, this is not the best strategy as the outside temperatures will soon negatively affect your home. Learn exactly how humidity affects your home in this blog. Also, if you have a programmable thermostat, you could set it according to the weather back home, or turn it off if a large storm is coming your way that could knock out power and cause an issue with the air conditioner.

#2. Ensure Yard is Clean and Maintained

You never know when a storm can strike while you are away from your home enjoying the world. Protect your home and AC from damage by flying branches, limbs or other objects in the yard like chairs or children’s toys that could be thrown around by the powerful summer storms we tend to see here in central Florida.

#3. Change the Air Filter Before Vacation

If you leave your AC turned on while on vacation, the air in your home will continue to filter through the air conditioning system and circulate through your home. If your air filter is dirty, or on the verge of needing to be replaced, then your home will be circulating all of the outdoor pollutants, dirt, and dust into your home while you are away. This means that after returning from your relaxing or adventurous travels away from home, you will find a house covered in dust — something no one likes!

Safe Travels from Your Gainesville, FL AC Experts

Have any more questions about how to prepare your home and AC before you leave for vacation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us now because we have the answers!