How to Watch the 2016 Olympics in Your Home's AC

How to Watch the 2016 Olympics in Your Home’s AC

Are you ready to watch the 2016 Olympics in the cool comfort of your North Florida home? The HVAC professionals at A+ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sure are! We want to help you watch this year’s games in cool comfort, so follow these tips to ensure your air conditioning is ready to fight for the cold — we mean gold!

AC Maintenance Tasks to Check Before the Olympic Games Begin

  1. Change your air filter and clean your condensate drain. Read this blog for details on how to clean your AC condensate drain line. No one should have an interruption in cool air when the Olympic games get hot!
  2. Follow the many cool tips in this blog to learn how to reduce stress on your AC while staying cool. Olympians from across the world will be feeling the stress during the Olympics, there is no reason for you to be sweating from your home all the way in Florida!
  3. Reduce humidity in your home with this tips in this blog. Humid conditions should never hinder your path to success — whether you’re in Rio at the Olympics or home in the Sunshine State.
  4. Learn common causes of a leaking air conditioner, so you can troubleshoot and fix it before the games begin.

How to Watch the 2016 Olympics at Home

After you perform some routine AC maintenance to ensure the cool, comfortable conditions of your home last throughout the Olympics, it’s time to prepare your watch zone. Here are some tips:

Contact A+ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for AC Maintenance

We believe the 2016 Olympics will be a cool one for the memory books — unless you neglect your AC maintenance before they begin, that is! Contact the HVAC experts at A+ Air to schedule your maintenance now.