What to Expect During an AC Maintenance Appointment

What Does Routine AC Maintenance Include?

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to reliable indoor comfort — whether at home in a residential space or at work in a commercial building. Routine AC maintenance will extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, improve your indoor air quality and comfort, and keep your electric and repair bills low. But what can you expect to happen when you schedule a routine maintenance inspection with A+ Air Conditioning? Keep reading to find out.

What Can You Expect From an AC Maintenance Appointment?

When you entrust your home’s HVAC system in our hands, you can expect nothing short of peak performance and long-term savings. An A+ Air Conditioning maintenance inspection includes the following:
– Visual inspection of heating and cooling units
– Outdoor unit inspection to check for dirt and debris
– Fan assessment to check for damage to motor and blades
Air filter replacement to maintain airflow and Indoor air quality
– Inspection of ductwork
– Condensate drain examination to check for clogs or obstructions
– Inspection of electrical connections
– Evaporator coil cleaning for efficient operation and system longevity
– Inspection of refrigerant levels to safeguard efficient operation
– Thermostat setting assessment
– Lubrication of parts to reduce resistance and save energy
– Blower maintenance and cleaning to maintain proper airflow
– Excellence in preventive AC maintenance

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Your air conditioning system takes care of you at the most important of times, especially here in Florida. Show your system the same love by scheduling routine maintenance appointments with A+ Air Conditioning. Avoid the nuisance and discomfort of HVAC malfunctions and shutdowns. Both home and business owners can join our Comfort Club Maintenance Program, and begin protecting their investment in comfort today!
Our Comfort Club Maintenance Program members receive a number of VIP customer service specials, including:
– 2 Annual Maintenance Inspections With Complete System Checkup
– Priority Scheduling

Get Your Gainesville AC Maintenance by Calling A+ Air Conditioning

Call for AC maintenance — before you need AC repair! At A+ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. If you want to prolong your system and protect your comfort, don’t delay. Become a Comfort Club Maintenance member today. Joining is free and easy.